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Novitec Have Tuned the Aventador SVJ

Novitec is one of the most famous tuners when it comes to the posh stuff. They have worked their magic on cars from Ferrari, McLaren and of course, Lamborghini! The tuning company started working on Lamborghini Aventador way back in 2013 so it’s fair to say that they know how to get the best out of an Aventador considering they have also done some work on the limited edition cars as well.

The SVJ comes with some pretty big credentials, it is the lap record holder at the Nurburgring after all. Obviously James May wouldn’t be lining up to buy one then. Anyway, Novitec figured that they were better off not tampering with the SVJ’s performance to they decided to make it even more aggressive looking.
The new Novitec body kit includes side skirts, side air intakes, air ducts on the bootlid. The company said that their carbon fibre modifications do not change the dynamics of the vehicle. The also added 20inch Vossen wheels at the front and 21 inch wheels at the rear, wrapped in Pirelli P Zeros of course. The new mods also include springs that lower the car by 35mm! However, fear not because Novitec said they still put comfort first. You can also have your SVJ with a range of flame spitting exhaust systems, justifiable by the fact that they save 19kgs over the stock pipes! You can also customize the interior according to your liking, contrast stitching and all.
The engine is stock but as you’ll see below, that isn’t an issue when it comes to spitting flames and spinning wheels!
Pictures sourced from Novitec Media
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