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To date, Lamborghini have launched two NFT projects and now they have a third one in the pipeline. Working in collaboration with NFT Pro and INVNT.ATOM, Lamborghini will take users on a virtual journey to the moon, across space and then back down to Earth!

Lamborghini's two partners for their third NFT project
The NFT collection is a collaboration between Lamborghini, NFT Pro and INVNT Group

A new series of NFTs will be released every month until March 2023. Four NFTs will be unveiled on four consecutive days during each month. These will only be available to purchase for 24 hours only after the launches! However, the fourth one will be limited to just 63 units.

At the end of the program, only those who have collected all the monthly NFTs, either three regular ones or three regular + one limited edition one will be eligible for a special edition NFT.

A view of the Earth from the Moon for Lamborghini's NFT project
The NFT series will take enthusiasts through space!

Lamborghini are also planning to reward loyalty shown during the campaign with some surprise gifts! Among these is a special artwork created by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile division, called ‘The Epic Road Trip’. This will only be available for those who purchase two complete monthly collections. For those who complete the first four month of collecting, a special tour of the Lamborghini HQ is the prize on offer.

A view of space from the Moon, promotion image from Lamborghini's upcoming NFT release
A road trip which touches down on the moon, only one manufacturer could dream this up!

Lamborghini has always been a groundbreaker when it comes to its super sportscars and NFTs are a way for the brand to offer dream of collecting to a new digital generation! The launch is this month and the NFTs can be purchased here.

Thanks for reading! For more Lamborghini news and reviews, visit Tarmac Life.

Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Lamborghini Media.

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