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Jeep to Reveal New 2022 Grand Cherokee Tomorrow

Jeep are calling it the biggest Grand Cherokee breakthrough in 30 years as the legend moves into a fifth generation. The grand unveiling is planned for the 29th of September at 3PM CET (Central European Time) which is 2AM on the 30th for us New Zealanders.

Dubbed as the ‘most awarded’ SUV ever, the Grand Cherokee nameplate is getting a massive overhaul with the 2022 model set to feature more tech, luxury and better 4×4 capability than ever before. Not to forget that there will be a plug-in hybrid 4xe model coming as well.

The 2022 Grand Cherokee will be unveiled by Christian Meunier, Jeep CEO and Jim Morrison who is the VP of Jeep America.

The reveal will be streamed live on Jeep’s website.

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