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Jaguar Unveils Final Petrol Sportscar

A British sportscar brand which over the decades became renowned for their engines, most notably a certain 5 litre supercharged V8. Jaguar has officially called time on its internal combustion sportscars this year, going one step closer to becoming an all-electric luxury brand.

Jaguar SV Bespoke plaque on the F-Type ZP Edition.
Only 150 F-Type ZP Editions will be made by Jaguar’s SV Bespoke department in Coventry.

2024 is the final year of F-Type production and the brand have looked to the E-Type to inspire this send-off. 1960s E-Types have served as the inspiration for the V8 propelled F-Type ZP Edition.

150 ZP Editions will be made this year by Jaguar’s SV Bespoke operations in Coventry. Two colour options are available, either ‘Oulton Blue’ or Crystal Grey’ with contrasting interiors to reflect the E-Type Project ZP Collection.

Rear three quarters view of a Jaguar F-Type Edition ZP in Oulton Blue.
Pictured above is the F-Type roadster in ‘Oulton Blue’

The ‘Oulton Blue’ variant will come with a ‘Mars Red’ and ‘Ebony’ duotone interior while the ‘Crystal Grey’ version is fitted with ‘Navy Blue’ and ‘Ebony’ duotone. Both are signified as Project ZP cars by the hand-painted ‘White Gloss’ roundels on the doors and ‘Porcelain White’ grille frames. Both are available in either Coupe or Convertible options with 700Nm on tap, a 0-100 time is recorded in 3.5 seconds!

Thus, 2024 will mark the end of an 11 year production run for the Jaguar F-Type which first debuted in 2013. The soundtrack of its supercharged V8 derivative in particular has been archived in libraries around the world. I did a teary eyed rewatch of our 2022 F-Type R review, this is a car and an engine that will sorely be missed by all.

Jaguar’s MD, Rawdon Glover dubbed the move as “the boldest transformation in Jaguar’s history”.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Jaguar Media.

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