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The Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a spectacular SUV, that’s not debatable. I absolutely loved it, so much so that I would probably call it my favourite performance SUV in the category. Naturally then, I was a little skeptical when Jaguar released their 2021 model. How could they possible make it any better?!

Well, they have! The obvious changes are to the lights and the general looks of the car but there’s so much more going on/

The Cosmetics

Firstly, the F-Pace gets all new LED headlights and tailights that give it a more aggressive look. The front features an X shaped bumper just like the XE SV Project 8, the rear diffuser has also seen some changes. Along with these obvious ones, there’s a few new vents dotted here and there but all this adds up. The 2021 F-Pace SVR has seen a 3% decrease in drag and a 35% decrease in lift!

The rear of the F-Pace SVR
It’s not just a pretty face!

The Performance

If you thought there were major changes with the looks, the performance upgrades are sure to surprise you then!

Jaguar have extracted 20Nm more out of the 5L supercharged V8 bringing the total figure to 700Nm! This means that the V8 propels the car to 100 in less than 4 seconds! Take a moment to digest that. The new SVR will then go all the way to 286 ish km/hr and it gets there rather smoothly through its 8 speed gearbox. The torque vectoring and differential systems are better then ever, so is the braking! All of these upgrades makes the SVR mind numbingly quick especially for an SUV of this size.

The new Jag F-Pace SVR
Don’t expect this to stay in your rear view for long

The Tech

Technology has moved so quickly since Jag first released their F-Pace SVR so naturally, some updates were due. A new 11.4 inch infotainment screen is the main event here with the driver’s display also being upgraded to 12.3 inches. There’s also plenty of premium materials in the cabin. Whatever isn’t covered in leather can either be optioned in Aluminium or open pore carbon fibre. Cool huh. The seats are extremely supportive and super light as well thanks to the alcantara surfaces. Apart from that, there’s lots more SVR badging around the cabin, not that we’re complaining.

The updated interior of the 2021 Jag F-Pace SVR
Big changes inside and out!

Still not convinced that the changes are set to make this an even better car? Watch the video below and see exactly why the F-Pace SVR is the one to beat!

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