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Hyundai Takes Centre Stage in Netflix’s Seoul Vibe

Hyundai have teamed up with Netflix in the production of their latest Korean film, ‘Seoul Vibe‘. Set during the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the movie features the first generation Grandeur (Azera), Pony Pickup and the Porter light truck. Old sedans like the second generation Sonata, Stellar and Cortina all play a part as well!

Hyundai's Grandeur on the set of Seoul Vibe
The Hyundai Grandeur plays a key role in the film

The cast itself is an all-star one too with the likes of Ah-in Yoo, Kyung-pyo Go, Kyoo-hyung Lee, Ju-hyun Park, Seong-wu Ong and Jung-se Oh all featuring in the Netflix film. Hyundai furthered their involvement by also providing their Wonhyoro Service Centre as a backdrop for one of the scenes.

Teaser image of the all new Hyundai Grandeur
A new Grandeur has also been teased with the release of the film

While the movie does show-off many cars from Hyundai’s past, the inclusion of those cars also alludes to what’s on the horizon for the Korean brand. An all new Grandeur (Azera) is set to be released soon with the original car featuring in the film as a pioneer of the luxury sedan category in Korea. The film’s release will also see the debut of “experiential marketing” from Hyundai which will aim to but the brand’s retro models in front of Gen Z and Millennial eyes. The garage shown in the film has also been recreated in the metaverse with users able to drive the cars and play the game as characters from the film.

Rear end teaser photo of the Hyundai Grandeur concept
‘Seoul Vibe’ has spurred a retro revival for Hyundai

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Hyundai Media Center Global.

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