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Honda Aircraft Company, the airborne division of Honda have just taken the covers off their latest creation. Called the HondaJet Elite II, it is the fastest, highest and farthest flying aircraft in its class!

It’s flying range is 1,547 nm (Nautical Miles) which means the Elite II retains its crown of being the most fuel efficient jet in its class. A new ‘Ground Spoiler’ also helps with the takeoff and landing performance.

With Honda taking a keen interest in aerospace automation, the Elite II will eventually see the introduction of ‘Autothrottle’ and ‘Emergency Autoland’ come 2023. The latter can take control in an emergency situation to autonomously control and land the aircraft without human intervention!

On a luxurious note, there’s two new interior options, Onyx and Steel bring a suite of new finishes and materials. New colour schemes are available as well as flooring and seat cover options too. The Elite II may be an unconventional flyer of the Honda flag but it still embodies “The Power of Dreams” slogan!

Thanks for flying with us! For more Honda news and reviews, visit Tarmac Life.

Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Honda Global Newsroom.

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