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Launched in 1986, the original Acura Integra was a 5-door sportback and to pay tribute, this new model will honour the legacy. Yes, Acura has shown a teaser to prove that the fifth generation Integra will be a 5-door with a premium appeal!

It has only been a month since Acura announced that they would be bringing the iconic nameplate back. This time, the teaser image shows a bit more than just the badge. While the Integra name did well as 5-door, it really found fame through its use in Honda’s 3-door sportscars.

Still, Acura haven’t ruled out the possibility of a 3-door Integra. Another interesting fact is that this is the first Acura to use a one-word name as opposed to alpha numerics since the last Integra in 2001!

The original 1986 Acura Integra

Expect more details to come as we get closer to its launch next year.

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Pictures courtesy of Acura Media USA.

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