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For those of us that have had the pleasure in attending an event or experience created by renowned auto-industry Corporate Affairs veteran Ed Finn, it comes as no surprise that he has now revealed bold new plans for his future following his departure from Holden.

Finn is establishing AmpedPR, a one-stop-shop for all public relations and communications requirements, offering specialist expertise delivering world-class solutions and experiences.

“I’m really enthusiastic to take this next step in my career and am grateful for the support from the team at Holden as I get this exciting new endeavour underway,” says Finn.

“I believe there is a real opportunity for creative and engaging problem solving in a post-Covid lockdown landscape and am confident I have the skills acquired over more than 20 years in the industry to help brands tell their story.”

AmpedPR_Ed Finn

Front of mind for the team at AmpedPR will be a focus on keeping activation activity local, an added stipulation in the ‘new normal.’

“Smaller, bespoke events here in New Zealand will be the go-to for the short-to-medium future,” said Finn.

“I have always looked to do things in our own backyard, a recent example being the world’s first auto event on Chatham Island, so am well equipped to meet this requirement.

“I can’t wait to pop the proverbial key in the ignition, fire things up and start out on this journey.”

And nor can we Ed my friend, nor can we.

More information is available at

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