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Volkswagen to Revive ‘Scout’ Brand in the USA

In a latest announcement form the Volkswagen Group, the brand has revealed plans to revive the iconic ‘Scout’ nameplate in the United States. The badge which hasn’t been seen since the 80s will be reborn as VW’s pure electric off-roading brand. The plan is to form an independent company to design, engineer and manufacture a pickup and rugged SUV for the American market.

Concept drawing of the new Volkswagen Scout pickup and SUV
The first concept drawings have been revealed

Scout has been chosen as the brand to spearhead this project. The plan is to unveil the first prototypes next year with production scheduled for a 2026 start! The Volkswagen brand has seen a strong uptake in the States and this move is expected to further strengthen their position in the electric space. Scout’s pickup and rugged SUV (R-SUV) models will be aiming to acquire 10% market share eventually.

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Pictures courtesy of Volkswagen Group Media.

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