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Polestar 5 Set to be Lighter, Faster and More Dynamic

Over 280 engineers at Polestar’s UK based R&D team have been working away at developing a new type of platform for the ‘5‘. The news is that they have succeeded! The bonded aluminium structure developed by the team will give Polestar’s new EV class leading rigidity, dynamics and safety features. Both the body and the platform will be built together to lower wait time.

Polestar 5's bonded aluminium shell
Safer, more dynamic and rigid, the sequel to ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’.

Success of the project has been so good in fact that Polestar expect the UK team to grow to 500 employees in the coming months! Bonded aluminium is old news to the car industry but making it commercially viable has always been troublesome. That is where the Polestar team come in. Their manufacturing process of making the body and platform at the same time saves production hours as well as improving rigidity and dynamics. Good on them!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Polestar Press.

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