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Swedish performance electric car company, Polestar has added on 8 more partners to their Polestar 0 project. Polestar 0’s goal is to create a truly climate-neutral car by 2030. Some of the latest collaborators include Vitesco Technologies, Schloetter, Autoneum, Stora Enso, TMG Automotive, Granges, Borgstena and Stena Aluminium. The firms originate from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland and Sweden of course!

A block of Lithium pictured on a black background.
Improving Lithium refinement is of key importance to the project

The new partners bring a range of expertise to the table for the 0 project. These include electrical inverters, renewable packaging, biomaterials, woodcraft, textiles, recycled metals and more! Announced in 2021, 0 was Polestar’s way of recognizing that EVs only eliminate tailpipe emissions but not emissions generated from the production of cars.

The overall aim is to build a car that has no carbon footprint, beginning with the extraction of raw materials! All this so Polestar won’t have to turn to “misleading offsetting schemes”.

A block of Nickel with a black background.
Nickel is another raw material focus of the project

However, the buck doesn’t stop here. Polestar are still on the hunt for more partners, particularly in the fields of material refinement and mining. With the deadline day of 2030 looming, their search is an urgent one but nonetheless, Polestar have every confidence in the project.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Polestar Media.

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