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It’s official, Honda and General Motors (GM) have agreed to take their partnership to the next level in the name of affordable EVs. The two brands will work together on a line of electric cars that will utilise a unique futuristic Ultium battery technology.

The two companies expect production of their jointly developed cars to begin in 2027 using technology, design and sourcing strategies shared by both. The venture has a special focus on compact crossovers, a market which includes over 13 million vehicle sales a year. The goal is to combine this segment with electric technology to achieve carbon neutrality. GM has their sights set on 2040 for carbon neutrality while that date lies in 2050 for Honda. Either way, the two companies see the development of solid state battery technology as one of the key ways to get there.

Going back nearly a decade, this relationship was born in 2013 when the two firms came together to work on Hydrogen fuel cell technology. Outside of this, the two automotive giants also have controlling interest in Cruise which is a company working on purpose built autonomous vehicles!

Thanks for reading! Picture courtesy of Honda Media Global, words by Matthew D’Souza.

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