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Continuing its commitment to padel tennis, Cupra has once again linked up with Wilson and padel ambassador Fernando Belasteguin. The new collection includes a racquet, bag and t-shirts.

A shot of Fernando Belasteguin wearing Cupra Wilson clothing, showing off the new Wilson Bela Cupra V2 racquet
Fernando Belasteguin is a legend of the sport

The new racquet debuted at the Valencia Open in July, a key event on the World Padel Tour. In the hands of Fernando, the new Wilson Bela Cupra V2 pushes the boundaries of the sport! Featuring an eye catching design complete with the copper Cupra logo against a black backdrop. Crafted with ‘SpinEffect’, textured surfaces and carbon fibre are used to deliver ultimate power and control on court.

A shot of Fernando Belasteguin wearing Cupra Wilson clothing and shoes, demonstrating the Wilson Bela Cupra V2
A range of clothing and shoes completes the collection

On the more technical side, the balance is 260mm, beam of 38mm and a weight of just 365g, this is the perfect combination for the sport. Starting as a professional player in 1995, Fernando has been in the circuit for over 25 years but this racquet offers all players a chance to write their own history.

The new Wilson Bela Cupra V2 is now available for 320 Euros from your local Cupra dealer or online from Wilson.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Seat Media Center Cupra.

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