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The Picnic Hamper becomes the latest addition to the DS Automobiles lifestyle collection. Hand made in France by La Malle Bernard, the oldest box and trunk maker in the country with the seal of the Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Designed by DS Design Studio Paris, the Picnic Hamper is dedicated to the French art of travel. Allowing for a meal for four, this accessory is available as part of the Esprit De Voyage Collection which is optional on the DS4, DS7, DS9.

These hampers can be personalized according to the customer’s car or with their initials. Other noteworthy details including Clous de Paris embossed inserts on the handles, nickel-plated jewellery clasps, hand-stitched leather handles. It’s not hard to see why each hamper requires dozens of hours of work!

Priced at 5,000 Euros, these Picnic Hampers include four complete Bento boxes, four cutlery sets, four wine glasses, chopping board, linen napkins, a chrome knife and more! For 4,000 Euros, the Culinary Trunk can also add to the DS Lifestyle collection.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, picture courtesy of DS Automobiles Stellantis Media.

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