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The iconic Formula 1 manufacturers like Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari and so on have long tried to incorporate some their learnings from the sport into their road cars. These companies have successfully merged F1 tech with their road cars but not to the extent that we’ve seen in the Mercedes-AMG Project One. However, Bugatti couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.

That’s where the Bolide comes in. For now, it is a concept car but it has been made to prove exactly what Bugatti could do with a completely unhinged Chiron.

A front three quarter shot of the Bolide
The Bolide isn’t a pretty sight

The difference is that the Bolide has no luxuries whatsoever. In fact, Bugatti’s CEO said that the seats were luxury items! The iconic 8.0 litre W16 underpins this extreme hypercar. Naturally, the power has been upped to 1360kW and the torque is a mammoth 1850Nm. All this for a car that only weighs 1,240kg. That low figure is thanks in part to all the smaller nuts and bolts being made from titanium. Along with that, there’s plenty of carbon fibre and whatever’s left is 3-D printed titanium alloy.

Bugatti’s CEO, Stephen Winkelmann said that the Bolide is the “the most extreme, uncompromising, fastest and lightest vehicle concept in the company’s recent history”.

A rear three quarter shot of the Bolide
The Bolide is Bugatti’s craziest creation yet

The Bolide has been predicted to do the 0-100 sprint in 2.17 seconds and is set to keep going up to 500 kph! Five hundred kph! That’s unbelievable stuff and Bugatti claim that the Bolide will do 0-500 in something like 20 seconds, if that doesn’t make your stomach turn then I don’t know what will! Even though Bugatti doesn’t do speed records anymore, one can clearly see that the Bolide is aiming straight for the SSC Tuatara.

If brought into production, the Bolide will be a game changing machine but often time with cars like these, the road going version does not reflect the original concepts.

A rear shot of the Bugatti Bolide
Just look at those exhausts!

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