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While the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar and Bentley Continental GT Speed may be sold out as far as the life sized cars go, you can now own miniature versions of these luxury grand tourers! 1:43 scale models of the duo are now available and painted in equally striking colours. Priced at 100 Quid, Bentley say these miniatures “represent a significant saving on the real car”.

A Candy Red Bentley Continental GT Speed model sits on the engine bay of a W12 powered Bentley Continental GT Speed.
Notice the striking colour scheme and matching interior

Available from the Bentley Motors Shop, the Continental GT Speed model is painted in ‘Candy Red’ with glass black carbon fibre trim on the outside. While on the inside, ‘Hotspur’ interior trim is complete with ‘Speed’ embroidery and diamond quilting! Make no mistake, these are no ordinary model cars.

A close-up of a Yellow Flame Bentley Mulliner Bacalar pictured with a full-size car in the background.
Bacalar was priced at 1.8m GBP and all 12 cars have names to them

The Bacalar by Mulliner on the other hand is a miniature of a car that had a limited production run of 12! Miniatures are painted in ‘Yellow Flame’, paying homage to Bentley’s revolutionary ‘colourstream’ paint, a sustainability breakthrough for the British car manufacturer. The model features ‘Satin Bronze’ highlights on the exterior while the interior is painted in ‘Beluga’ and finished with ‘Grey Tweed’.

A Yellow Flame Bentley Mulliner Bacalar sitting atop the dashboard of a real Bentley Mulliner Bacalar in the same specification.
The miniatures sport intricate details similar to the full-size cars

Both models will be encased in stylish Bentley boxes and complimentary shipping on UK orders over 200 GPB is available. At 100 Pounds each, these are slightly pricey but extremely detailed miniatures.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Bentley Media Global.

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