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It feels like a lifetime since Audi released the Q7 but somehow they’ve managed to keep it relevant and at the forefront of the large SUV market. Now, there’s a new one. You’re looking at the new 2020 Audi Q7 which should arrive in showroom towards the end of the year. Audi have taken the Q7 to the next level with this latest version and here’s how.

The look fits with the ‘Q family’

The silhouette is still very much Q7 but the face and the rear have seen a major update so the styling fits with the Audi ‘Q family’. We’ve seen a trend across many automakers recently where they are trying to integrate a standard ‘look’ throughout their range and the new Q7 is the latest car to incorporate Audi’s look. The headlights are now available with Audi’s HD Matrix LED tech. There are some significant changes at the back where the flat tailights are now joined by a large chrome strip across the boot.

The handling has been improved immensely

The improvements aren’t just cosmetic as the car now gets optional electromechanical active roll stabilization which will ensure the big Q7 corners flat on tight turns and rough roads. Another available option is the all wheel steering where the rear wheels can turn up to 5 degrees, this will improve the general handling and cornering ability of the car. Another available option is air suspension which goes along with the new sporty ethos of the reborn Q7.

The Q7 is only available with an 8 speed tiptronic transmission and full time all wheel drive. The new Q7 will initially be offered with a choice of two diesel engines and a 48 Volt hybrid option as well which has shown to improve fuel efficiency by 0.7L per 100 kilometres.


The new Q7 is bigger and more tech filled than ever before

The new Q7 will be 11 millimetres longer than the current model and while that doesn’t sound like much, it will ensure that the Q7 has best in class headroom and elbow room plus the trunk space has now been improved as well. The interior now features two touchscreens with the top one blending into the dashboard when turned off. There’s a whole host of new driver aids and tech available as well. The new Q7 can provide you with live traffic information through Google Earth. It also comes with adaptive cruise assist which includes speed assist, traffic jam assist and active lane assist. What this all means is that the new Q7 will be anticipating the conditions ahead to keep you moving for as long as possible and reduce the time you spend sitting in stop/start traffic. It also comes with a full time emergency assist which will come into effect if the car senses that the driver is inactive, it will then stop the car and start protective measures, whatever that means!

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Words by Matthew D’souza. Imaged supplied by the Audi Media Center

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