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It’s the dawn of a new age for Aston Martin. A new benchmark in GT cars is coming. Aston are calling it “a new era of class-leading performance, driving dynamics and ultra-luxury.” Their slogan for this new car is “Grand is not enough” because this is no ordinary GT car.

A view of the side profile of the new Aston Martin DB car in green from the teaser image.
There’s not much to look at now but it will be quite something when launched!

You guessed it! On the 24th of May, the ultra-luxury British brand will add a new generation to its iconic DB bloodline. The new DB retains the values of high performance and ultra-luxury that every Aston Martin embodies but this car in particular is set to be a new beginning for the brand. This is serious stuff! Aston have described their upstart with terms like “prodigious performance, pinpoint driving dynamics, advanced technologies, sublime style and impeccable craftsmanship.”

The technology on the centre console in focus on the new Aston Martin DB car
Could this be the best generation DB yet?

Breaking free from its category, the new DB car will create one of its own to mark the 75th anniversary of the famous nameplate as it becomes the latest in a long line of “exceptional British hand-built sportscars.”

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Aston Martin Newsroom.

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