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Buy a New York Apartment and Get a Free Aston Martin DBX!

Aston Martin is a luxury carmarker, no doubt about it. Their cars are often seen at some of poshest hotels in the world and in all the right places. In the past, they have teamed up with luxury brands to help spread the AM name and sell a few more cars in the process.

And they’ve done it again! This time, Aston Martin have teamed up with top architect Sir. David Adjaye who is in the process of designing five apartments at 130 William in Lower Manhattan.

Buying one of these apartments gives you access to the fabulous views and luxuries that it offers but you also get your very own Aston Martin DBX. Here’s the clincher, your DBX won’t just be a normal Aston SUV. It will be the ‘130 William Adjaye Special Edition’ and it becomes the first special Aston Martin to have been designed alongside an architect.

The Aston Martin DBX on a motorway
The DBX is very comfortable in the city

The special edition will feature Grey ‘Pietra D’Avola marble inlays, Satin Walnut Wood trim along with bronze and anodized aluminium detailing. Aston’s personalisation department will also offer a hand-stitched Parliament Green leather interior option to match walls of the racing simulator room in the apartment. This relationship flows both ways because Aston have also had a hand in the apartment’s design and finishing!

The apartments start from $6 million and go all the way up to $17 million but you do get a free DBX!

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, pictures sourced from Aston Martin Global Press.

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