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Living it large – Chevrolet Silverado Media event

Last year GMSV (GM Special Vehicles) launched something large, very large in fact into the NZ motoring market – the Chevy Silverado. However, with Covid restrictions in full swing, their release to the media has been a bit of a secret – that is until today. With a special lunch invitation to More Pork in […]

Shy yet Monolithic – BMW iX xDrive 40 review

BMW iX 40 xDrive review NZ

While picking up the iX3 from BMW’s lair in the UK last year, I stumbled upon their new iX (alright it was parked in the car park) and was hooked. They are calling it their new ‘technology flagship’ and a ‘pioneer of a new era’ which is all well and good, but whatever the marketers […]

The world’s first all-terrain hypercar

PRESS RELEASE Prodrive has revealed the Hunter, a 600 bhp, four-wheel drive all-terrain adventure vehicle with an unrivalled ability and performance across any landscape. Born out of the Bahrain Raid Xtreme competition car driven by nine-time World Champion, Sebastien Loeb, to compete on the toughest motorsport race in the world the Dakar, it thrives in […]