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Yeah you can buy a Power Plant online

We’ve all been there. Few too many bevvies on a Tuesday night and before you know it your bank account is empty and there’s a suspect delivery at the door you have no idea you’ve ordered. There’s not a lot you can’t buy online these days, but my ADHD brain just landed me in a whole new world of don’t click that buy now button… power plants.

There’s everything from diesel generators to combined cycle gas turbine power plants – whatever those are – that you can straight up buy online and have delivered to your house. If you have tens of millions of dollars and a big yard, of course.

So whether you’re after steam boilers, biomass power plants or any other kind of used power plant for sale, look no further because JADE Power Plants will sort you out. Well, presumably they would… I don’t have space for one right now to try it out.

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