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Dancing to your own Tune – JBL TUNE600BTNC

Planes, trains and Automobiles (ie busses), let’s face it travellers and commuters, the world can be an annoyingly noisy place, made even moreso when you’re packed in tightly next to your fellow man (or woman) and forced to listen to what’s going on in Shortland Street or who is going to a baking competition.

It’s often been said that music is a great leveller. It can adjust your mood, play with your emotions and transport you to a time and place you’d that much rather be – sigh. BUT unless you’re wearing some form of noise cancelling headphones, the result of ‘Strictly’ will seep through the gaps and spoil your Zen.

TUNE600BTNC (the name just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) is JBL’s latest and greatest over-ear noise cancelling, wireless headphones. They’re made to go the distance with durable materials, a battery capacity that lasts 12 hours (recharged in just 2 hours), plus a detachable cable for endless music and can be folded flat when not in use. They offer a clear and yet basey sound and noise cancelling tech to ensure you listen to what YOU want to hear. They’re comfortable to wear and with buttons on the ear cups, you can easily connect to the outside world but only when you feel the need.

One last thing, to further match your mood the JBL TUNE600BTNC’s come in four ‘fresh’ colours – but I think I’ll stick with black.

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