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Park ‘kin better people – Tarmac Tantrum

‘You can’t park there mate’.

I know it should be really ‘a place’, but ‘a space for everything and everything in its space’ seems appropriate for this week’s Tarmac Tantrum – namely PARK BETTER PEOPLE.

The global traffic road marking coatings market size was valued at USD 4.92 billion in 2021, and along with that remit is the industry that turns a regular chunk of tarmac into regulation 2.4 metres wide and 5.4 metres long (with a minimum of 300mm clearance on both sides for a car door to open) parking bays. Meaning that all we as drivers have to do is slot our vehicles into these bays, aka between the two lines, and order prevails. 

However, it would appear that for some (actually many), this is a driving issue too difficult to perform.

Now I get that parallel parking for some is a problem (we’ll get to that on another rant) but really, parking your car between TWO ‘Kin LINES is hardly a mission impossible.

As mentioned in another rant, vehicles have grown in size over the years, but even so, there aren’t that many that exceed 2.4 metres in width, so ‘should have gone to specsavers’ comes to mind or maybe this should be added to the driving test – maybe it’s a given that this is too simple a task?

The reason it’s a rant this week is down to me having to park why further away from the supermarket door, not the biggest of issues I hear you say, (and yes I could do with an extra few steps on my pedometer) but it is an issue when it’s bloody raining – and all because someone can’t fit their motor in a parking bay!

What I find even funnier, is that when one person parks oddly, you tend to find that others follow suit, so rather than giving one spatially unaware person room to look like a tool, you now get a line of them, until someone breaks the cycle.

This week, when you venture to the mall, store or wherever has allocated slots I ask just this one thing, before walking away from your vehicle take a look back and see if you have parked between the lines, if not ‘KIN MOVE IT!

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