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RAMbunctious REX – RAM 1500 TRX review NZ

RAM 1500 TRX review NZ

As the automotive world moves towards becoming electrically powered, ute-eating truck maker RAM has just released ‘the fastest, most powerful mass produced truck in the world’. With a supercharged-HEMI V8 under the bonnet, the RAM 1500 TRX is bold, obnoxious, jurassic and yet brilliant – and thanks to RAM NZ, we tried to tame it. […]

Big, refined and upgraded – 2022 RAM 1500 Limited review

2022 RAM 1500 Crew Cab Limited review NZ

Over recent years, despite being ‘rather substantial’ when it comes to NZ’s narrow roads, RAM (the truck that ‘eats utes for breakfast’) trucks have actually become quite a regular sight on our highways and byways. They are obviously easy to spot due to their size and chrome grilles, and that they are probably towing something […]