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High-Brid: 2022 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid Review

When Toyota announced their Highlander would incorporate some hybrid power into the line-up, it came as no surprise to those of us in the specialist motoring press. While the petrol models will still continue, the hybrids, which are part of Toyota’s spearhead into bringing down emissions and increasing the fuel efficiency of their SUV family, […]

Born in the USA: Toyota Highlander GXL Petrol Review

When Toyota launched the new Highlander earlier this year, there was much fanfare surrounding the popular seven-seater SUV now sporting Hybrid options in the line-up. This is of course not surprising as just about every other Toyota in the range, bar the Hilux has Hybrid tech first introduced with the first Prius all those years […]

The Eco-friendly 2021 Toyota Highlander launch

2021 Toyota HIGHLANDER Launch NZ

A whole raft of forces, including wind, water, technology, a boat and a tree came into play with the New Zealand launch of the next generation 2021 Toyota Highlander, oh and driving, lots and lots of driving too. It began at the base (and in the base) of Emirates Team New Zealand’s Cup defending boat […]