Mazda2 Hybrid – Mazda launches First Self-Charging Full Hybrid

Mazda2 Hybrid NZ

PRESS RELEASE The new Mazda2 Hybrid goes on sale throughout Europe from spring 2022 and brings self-charging full hybrid powertrain technology to the Mazda model range for the first time. The Mazda2 Hybrid is a self-charging, full hybrid that combines a 1,490cc 93hp three-cylinder petrol engine with a 59kW electric motor for a total system […]

Jazz-e – 2021 Honda Jazz Luxe e:HEV review

2021 Honda Jazz Luxe e:HEV review

The Jazz nameplate has been in Honda’s range of great vehicles since 2001, however, recently we attended the NZ launch of the next or 4th Generation of this popular model in its NZ spiritual home in Nelson. I drove the three new variants at the launch, the Life (the regular Jazz), the Crosstar (a Jazz/SUV […]

McLaren unveils all-new Artura Hybrid

McLaren Artura

The all-new McLaren Artura is revealed today, marking the beginning of both a new chapter for the pioneering luxury supercar company and a new era in supercar technology and performance. McLaren’s first series-production High-Performance Hybrid supercar focuses more than half a century of the company’s racing and road-car experience and expertise into a next-generation supercar […]

Toyota Camry Hybrid and V6 review – Platform Shoos

2019 Toyota Camry New Zealand

Toyota Camry Hybrid and V6 Review New Zealand Having already produced eight generations of successful sedans, the Camry design and engineering team could and would have been justified in simply making a few tweaks here and there to the shape, upping the efficiency a little, maybe adding an extra switch or two to the dashboard […]

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Review – the 150-volt shock you want

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport Review New Zealand I’d like to think that I am pretty open-minded, that I embrace change, or accept that time doesn’t stand still, I’d like to think that. However, in reality, I have a tendency to have a more conservative approach to things. I don’t enjoy change for change sake and […]

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review – Short Circuit

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 review New Zealand Electricity is a funny old thing. Alternating and Direct, (AC/DC), High and low voltage, Big and small amp’s, clean and dirty (in terms of resource)… One thing is for sure, in my humble opinion; it’s lazy – always looking for the path of least resistance and […]

BMW 740e review – an E-xecutive Statement

BMW 740e review New Zealand With but a few exceptions (and whether they like it or not), the corporate world is moving towards a more environmentally concerned, planet protecting culture. Heads of state, commerce and industry are all looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still keep the wheels of trade turning freely. They must […]

My disappointment with the Lexus IS 300h

A short while ago, I attended the launch of Lexus’s new IS range. Located at Bruce McLaren racetrack in Taupo, it was a great event that got me behind the wheel of the new improved IS cars as we conducted various exercises and whizzed around the track with 200t’s and F-Sports. However, I didn’t get […]

Kia Niro – Cross Traffic

The Kia Niro brochure boasts of this planet saving hybrid doing 3.8Litres/100km, which all sounds well and good but these numbers can often only be achieved in ‘ideal’ conditions and environments and not REAL world. I (accidentally) made the Niro’s efficiency part of my review and I’m actually pleased I did. Ask any commuter and […]