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Whooooaa it really shifts!

Hyundai i20 N New Zealand

Okay, so small hatches might not be the biggest segment in New Zealand but that’s where we often find some amazing cars that deserve more attention than they’re getting. One of these absolute gems on the smaller size is the Hyundai i20 hatch. You can only get it in one trim here and that’s exactly […]

Ford Fiesta ST Review NZ – Putting the ST in FieSTa

Ford Fiesta ST Review NZ

You can’t have a Fiesta without an ‘ST’ in it and Ford New Zealand’s new hot hatch proves this point beyond any doubt. Now we’re not saying that the third-generation Fiesta ST (Sports Technologies) has big boots to fill BUT… First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2004, the Fiesta ST burst its way […]

A Hot Hatch for Grown Ups

The Fastback is fun but you can still own one and be over 25!

Can the i30N Fastback combine hot hatch spice with the sensibility of a sedan or at least something in between?

N is for Nani

Hyundai has a fresh entry into the hot hatch segment but how exciting could a fast i30 possibly be?

VW’s new white-hot, hatch – Volkswagen Polo GTI review

VW Polo GTI Review New Zealand

Volkswagen Polo GTI Review New Zealand Most car people at some point in their driving career will have a GTI in their garage (or at least, been behind the wheel of one). Mine happened to be a Golf Mk 2 16v back in the 80’s and it has remained one of the stand out vehicles […]