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Haval Lotta Character – 2022 Haval H6 GT Review

SUV-come-coupes seem to all the rage at the moment. While we usually associate the likes of Mercedes and BMW with this niche market, its fair to say other marques are beginning to embrace it, but with a more down to earth price tag. The newest of these is Haval with their new H6 GT, a […]

Haval Lotta Value: Haval H6 Ultra Review

If there is one brand out there which continues to surprise us in the specialist motoring press, it would have to be Haval. A few years ago, they were no real threat to the established order of Japanese SUVs, but the Chinese company have pulled their finger out and are inching ever closer to being […]

Jolly On The Road: Haval Jolion Review

If there is one name in the automotive world which is growing rapidly, then it has to be Haval. The Chinese brand has been in our neck of the woods for a few years now, and in that time, have made no bones about their intentions to take a large chunk of New Zealand’s new […]

The Haval H9 review – Like a large SUV only bigger

Haval H9 review New Zealand Haval is a big thing when it comes to the SUV industry, and yet (probably like you), I hadn’t heard of them until very recently. When I say big, I mean that the Chinese vehicle brand claims to be number one in the world when it comes to the SUV […]