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Wave FFS. Good Manners, for both driver and pedestrians

Among a variety of less meaningful things, like ‘if the wind changes you’ll stay like that’, ‘manners cost nothing’ is something that my parents constantly told me as a child, and it’s something that I have passed on to my son. However, despite being free, manners are evidently not a trait that’s being freely used by all – and that’s why it’s this week’s Tarmac Tantrum.

Wave FFS - Road Manners Tarmac Tantrum

I live in the ‘burbs and as such regularly drive along narrow streets that when cars are parked either side, require cars to give way – someone has to yield. Now my general rule of thumb is ‘first come first served’ (unless it would cause added congestion or on a steep hill) and if I am the non-yielder, a raise of the hand, or a nod of appreciation (or flash at night) by me to the driver that waits seems a simple sign of courtesy or good manners. Which is why I get peeved when I don’t get the same when I’m the yielder. 

Wave FFS - Road Manners Tarmac Tantrum

We live in a period where I believe time is precious, a comment supported by many people’s need to be ‘on call/on social media’ all the time, and therefore I appreciate it when someone wastes a little of theirs to let me proceed ahead of them, a wave is the least I can do. Conversely, when I pull over and waste my valuable moments, only to be ignored by the oncoming driver, well that is certain to make my blood boil!!

Wave FFS - Road Manners Tarmac Tantrum

But my manners rant doesn’t stop there. Also, zebra crossings. According to NZTA, ‘a driver approaching a pedestrian crossing must give way to pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing or obviously waiting to cross it and who are not behind a school patrol sign. Drivers are required to give way to pedestrians on both sides of all zebra crossings unless the crossing is divided by a raised traffic island (Road User Rule, 10.1)’. So yes this gives the pedestrian the power, but I as the driver have seen you and taken time out of my life to allow you to cross in front of me, the last you can do is a simple wave of thanks!

A wave, nod or a smile are trivial interactions between us humans and yet go a long way to make life just that little bit better – good manners cost nothing. Thanks for listening (nods and smiles in acknowledgement)

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3 Responses

  1. I agree entirely…Out here in the rural Waikato I raise a finger to anyone I come across.. much to my wife’s annoyance… who usually says”who’s that?”.. to which I reply, “I don’t know.” She then gives me that “you’re weird” look. At zebra crossings I always expect to stop and let pedestrians cross, but I must admit I have to laugh at the young adults.. usually with the arse of their trousers down behind their knees and their brand of undies on show, who swagger across at a snail’s pace as if they are on a catwalk in Milan. I suppose I shouldn’t laugh as they might be practicing for a new career other than the one at the WINZ office !

    1. Haha, thanks Mark, it’s so strange that a simple wave appears so hard to do for way too many. As for your catwalk models, I guess that would make my day (in laughter)

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