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The MG ZS EV is a driver’s car

Calling a front wheel drive electric SUV is a driver’s car might read like a stretch to some, but hang with me while I make my case. I had the MG ZS EV Long Range for a while to help answer the question of whether or not there was a number to end range anxiety […]

Wave FFS. Good Manners, for both driver and pedestrians

Wave FFS - Road Manners Tarmac Tantrum

Among a variety of less meaningful things, like ‘if the wind changes you’ll stay like that’, ‘manners cost nothing’ is something that my parents constantly told me as a child, and it’s something that I have passed on to my son. However, despite being free, manners are evidently not a trait that’s being freely used […]

Does your car have a nickname?

Name your car

One in three (UK) motorists have given a nickname to their car – based on its registration plate, colour, or the make and model. And 34 per cent of nickname-givers go as far as to say cars without a light-hearted moniker are ‘missing something’. Among the comical car nicknames British motorists have adopted include The […]