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How long would Santa’s Xmas Eve journey take in the world’s fastest cars? 

Leasing Options revealed that in a standard car travelling at 60mph, delivering presents to over 2.3 billion households would take Santa over 75 years to deliver.

With a top speed of 304.7mph, the Bugatti Chiron would take 14 years to complete Santa’s Christmas Eve trip. It comes in at over 5 years faster than the McLaren F1 which has a top speed of 240mph.

Car ModelTop SpeedHow long would it take Santa? (Hours)How long would it take Santa? (Years)
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+305mph131,09514
SSC Tuatara295mph135,40615
Koegnigsegg Agera RS278mph143,78916
Hennessey Venom GY270mph147,72517
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport268mph149,15917
SSC Ultimate Aero TT256mph155,97418
Bugatti Veyron254mph157,38718
McLaren Speedtail250mph159,77918
Koenigsegg CCR241mph165,67719
McLaren F1240mph166,36719

It would take Santa an extra four years to deliver gifts in the fastest EVs compared to petrol

But with cars comes emissions – and if Santa was doing that journey in an ICE vehicle, he’d emit almost 16,000 metric tons of emissions. Just doing one round-trip would take growing over 19,000 forest acres for ten years to offset them. 

While we’re pretty certain reindeers give zero emissions, Leasing Options also crunched the numbers of how long Santa’s journey would take in the world’s fastest EVs. 

They found the Rimac Nevera would take nearly 155 hours (or 18 years) to complete Santa’s Christmas Eve trip. 

Car ModelTop SpeedHow long would it take Santa? (Hours)How long would it take Santa? (Years)
Rimac Nevera258mph154,82518
Aspark Owl249mph160,24118
Pininfarina Battisa217mph184,07721
Lotus Evija200mph199,72423
Tesla Model S Plaid200mph199,72423
NIO EP9194mph205,90124
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance169mph236,36027
Tesla Model X Plaid163mph245,06028
Tesla Model 3 Performance162mph245,57328
Porsche Taycan Turbo161mph247,10428

Despite the Nevera being the fastest when compared to any other EVs, it just doesn’t compare to his sleigh. Leasing Options revealed that, in order to make it in 24 hours, Santa would need to go at least 1,664,369mph. That’s faster than the speed of the fastest aircraft in the world, the Lockheed SR-71 which can reach speeds of 2,100mph.

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