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How long would Santa’s Xmas Eve journey take in the world’s fastest cars? 

Santa delivers

Leasing Options revealed that in a standard car travelling at 60mph, delivering presents to over 2.3 billion households would take Santa over 75 years to deliver. With a top speed of 304.7mph, the Bugatti Chiron would take 14 years to complete Santa’s Christmas Eve trip. It comes in at over 5 years faster than the McLaren F1 […]

RAM Trucks NZ welcomes the new 1500 Big Horn

RAM 1500 Big Horn NZ

The famed Big Horn nameplate has arrived in New Zealand. With the 1500 DS in run-out mode at $99,990 plus on road costs for a limited time, the new RAM1500 Big Horn is set to be the starting point to RAM ownership – with all 1500 models now on theDT platform. “The RAM 1500 Big […]