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Volkswagen’s EVs to Power Homes and Other Cars!

Yup, you heard that right! VW’s EVs will soon become a driving, talking power source!

We know electric cars have batteries but so far, these have only been used to power the actual car along with charging your phone and other menial things! But now, VW have found a new use for their EVs and it goes beyond just driving.

VW's ID vision for the future!
VW’s vision for the future

Volkswagen have already started researching into how capable an EV battery could be in terms of powering a house or another car. Sort of like what Samsung did with its power sharing technology on their new phones. So if your friend’s EV is out of juice, you can lend them some of yours!

A recent German study found that commuting only uses around 15% of an EV’s battery so the rest of the charge can be fed back into the national grid somehow. Something along the lines of what is done with solar power. Owners will be able to get cash back for this along with the knowledge that they are helping prevent a spike in the grid during the peak times! This power will be returned during non peak times.

It’s an interesting way of seeing electricity as a transferable commodity as opposed to viewing it like a fill and burn fossil fuel.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of VW Media.

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