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Sphere – Stylish Car Air Fresheners

Italian style and chic design are behind the latest line of car air fresheners now being introduced to New Zealand.

The new Sphere Car Air Fresheners are uniquely designed with grid-like inclusions and channels within the round shape that perfectly align with the direct ventilation flow of the air conditioner system inside a vehicle to transmit the flow through the scent cells.

That means the air blows through the very centre of the Sphere and the fragrance is released much more effectively, achieving an even and pleasant smell throughout the vehicle.

“We were very impressed with how the design of these Italian car air fresheners enhanced the transmission of fragrance around the vehicle and had no hesitation in adding the Sphere to our range,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes automotive accessories and products throughout New Zealand.

One of the special features of the Sphere Car Air Freshener design is the ability to swivel and rotate 360 degrees, so that the flow can be directed to specific areas around the passenger compartment.

There are three new fragrances in the Sphere Car Air Fresheners range, each with its own special colour that complements the scent; Lemon Storm (yellow), Ocean Splash (blue) and Fruit Blast (orange).

Mr Paterson says that the fragrances developed for the Sphere Car Air Freshener range are also designed to be stronger and deliver a longer lasting smell.

The stylish range of Sphere Car Air Fresheners is now available from leading automotive and hardware stores throughout New Zealand.

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