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Driver Jailed for Teaching his Dog to Drive

During these times of quarantine and isolation, a joke that’s been doing the rounds in the car enthusiast world is the fact that the roads are empty. Empty roads means a chance to test out the higher speeds of your car and possibly squeeze in a race. The empty roads have also been used by joggers, cyclists and people learning how to drive.

Notice I said people in that last sentence. A driver in the US decided instead that he would let his ‘best friend’ take the wheel of his car while the roads were empty.

As we know, dogs were not designed to drive and so this ended up as you would have expected. The dog crashed into multiple cars on the highway and was caught doing speeds in excess of 175 kph. How do we know the dog was actually doing this? Well, a police officer who tried to stop the car pulled up beside it and was astonished to see the dog behind the drivers seat and the passenger who was steering the car from their side! You just can’t make this stuff up.

The end result. Credit- Washington State Police
The pursuit was quite long and spike strips were eventually used to end it. The experienced state trooper said he had never seen anything like this before. As you can imagine, the driver was sent straight to jail for driving under the influence, felony eluding, hit & run and reckless endangerment. The dog was turned into a local animal shelter.

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