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Kia reveals the name of its upcoming ute

Kia has confirmed the name of its highly anticipated ute: the Tasman. The Kia Tasman is the first Kia product with a name analogous to Australia, further cementing its status as the most Australian Kia yet.

Selected from a pool of names sourced from Kia’s global markets, ‘Tasman’ was initially proposed by Kia Australia and ultimately chosen for its connection to the Tasman Sea and Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who discovered the rugged landscapes of Tasmania. Each of these elements lends itself to a spirit of enduring toughness, grit, and resilience, reflecting the rugged character and matching capabilities of the Kia Tasman.

The Kia Tasman_NZ

Kia Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Damien Meredith, said “The team at Kia Australia has been working closely with the Research and Development team at headquarters to develop Tasman, a vehicle we believe will meet the needs of our unique market, so it’s very rewarding that it has been granted an Australian-inspired name befitting its personality.”

“We have strong ambitions for Tasman in our market, and the fact that its name has such distinct links to our region is evidence of Kia Australia’s instrumental role in its development and future success.“

The Tasman represents Kia’s bold first step into the ute market, designed with a range of work, trade, and leisure pursuits in mind. With the debut of the brand’s first-ever ute, Kia expands its ICE lineup beyond sedans, SUVs, and MPVs, setting the stage for a comprehensive range of vehicles.

The Kia Tasman_NZ

Kia first confirmed its venture into the local Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market in in March of this year, releasing the ‘Kia’s getting a ute’ TVC campaign in which 20 of Australia’s most iconic sporting figures debated what the Kia ute should be named.

“The launch of any new model is an exciting moment in time, but when it’s something as uniquely antipodean as a new ute, then it’s extra special,” said Managing Director of Kia New Zealand, Todd McDonald.

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