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Putting the COR in Korean – KGM Torres EVX EV review

To explain, in British slang, you can say ‘cor’ when you are surprised or impressed, it seems like it means the same in Korean too. You may not know KGM as a vehicle brand just yet, however, you’ll probably know what it was. You see, in order to dispel any confusion as to the origins of their vehicles, Korean’s oldest vehicle brand Ssangyong have renamed themselves KGM – and the Torres (in both petrol and EV form) is the first cab of the rank.

A couple of months ago I got my first taste of the EVX and as it was explained, both the brand and model range are out to disrupt the norm and add a spicy flair to the automotive world. I was impressed with my first drive, but of course wanted more.  

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

From the moment you lay eyes on the Torres EVX, it’s clear that this is no ordinary SUV. The front end boasts a striking light bar that demands attention, coupled with a distinctive grille design that hints at adventure as it could be said that it has a familiar Jeep-like look. 

KGM Torres NZ

The bonnet has a robust style to it and comes with two anchor points. I assume they are more cosmetic than functional, but either way they add to the SUV’s capable look. The lights are LED and the indicators are directional, as all modern vehicles should be.

The EVX’s profile is as bold as they come with Kona-style wheel arches that shroud its aerodynamic 20-inch feet. In terms of footprint, the Torres sits between the Rexton and the Korando, so it’s sizable, however, it’s still easy to manoeuvre around the town.

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

The rear door is a bit tricky, it has a Discovery look and you think it’ll swing open to the side, however, it electrically opens upwards and offers a class-leading 703L of luggage space for you to explore.

Behind the scenes, the Torres EVX comes with a 73.4 kWh ‘blade battery’ that has a forecasted range of approximately 462km. This in turn powers the big EV’s front axle motor which delivers150 kW of power and 339 Nm of torque. It’s no sportscar, but with a 0 to 100 time of roughly 8.1 seconds, it’s no slouch either. It also has V2L (vehicle to load) capability, so you can charge your appliance or device wherever you may find yourself.

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

Step inside the Torres EVX, and you’re greeted with a harmonious blend of luxury and technology. The quality of the materials used, including the prominent copper bronze panel on the dashboard and the soft contrast stitching, contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and well-crafted interior. The construction is impressive too, with no noticeable shaking or rattling. 

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

Both the driver and passenger enjoy heated/vented seats, and the ambient lighting throughout the dashboard and doors adds a delightful touch. The inclusion of a wireless charging pad and numerous storage spaces further enhance the convenience and practicality of the vehicle.

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

In terms of tech, the Torres EVX offers a vast array of customization options and settings via its dual 12.3-inch intuitive infotainment and instrument cluster screens. From adjusting sounds and display settings to ev range and consumption, there is an abundance of choices to suit personal preferences, including an adjustable ADAS suite to best suit your drive. The driver instrument cluster resembles the infotainment screen’s landscape theme, and along with providing essential information such as battery percentage and speed, there’s even a compass to further add to the EVX’s adventurous theme.

The rear seating area of the Torres is equally impressive, boasting ample space for passengers. The generous legroom, headroom, and absence of a hindering transmission tunnel make it a comfortable place for up to three individuals (well 2.45 anyway). Additionally, the rear passengers are treated to the luxury of seat heating, controlled through the door panels and the unique design of the headrests includes a convenient nook for hanging coats.

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

On the move, the Torres’ unique look garners plenty of looks and sparks curiosity, and I guess that’s what they were looking for when they said they were looking to ‘disrupt the norm’. KGM has leveraged its unconventional appearance, even down to the grab handles on the bonnet, which may seem odd, but not unattractive, and compels you to keep looking and appreciate its interesting design.

KGM Torres NZ
Coat hanger on back of seats

The steering wheel is robust and ergonomic, and comes with an iconic Ssangyong badge. It’s equipped with numerous buttons that allows for easy control of audio settings, phone connectivity, adaptive cruise control, and navigation. The steering itself doesn’t feel too vague and with ample rubber on the 20-inch alloys, the EVX provides a comfortable and smooth ride, perfectly suited to its substantial size and presence.

While manoeuvring through relatively tight corners, it remains stable without any excessive body roll. However, there is one minor annoyance: when shifting between drive and reverse, it briefly goes into neutral, requiring a double tap to go forwards or backwards. 

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

One of the standout features is how well they’ve integrated the electric technology. The cabin is exceptionally quiet, and despite the SUV’s substantial appearance, there’s minimal wind noise and virtually no tire noise. Additionally, visibility is excellent, and even though the rear windscreen isn’t expansive, you sit high enough to have a commanding view. Plus, the 360-degree cameras proves useful in tight shopping spaces. 

It doesn’t shy away from its size; in fact, it embraces it, making it great for those with bigger families. The back seats offer ample space, just like the impressively practical boot, so every inch of space inside has been utilised effectively.

Of course ‘range’ is a thing many want to know about, so here’s my experience. I Picked up the EVX with 100% charge and claiming 472km. Travelled 188km with AC on 22-degrees, in comfort mode. EVX was left with 173km/38% charge. So our calculations it should have 284km but we had 173km. In fairness, we did try its acceleration and didn’t really drive it in ECO for long.

KGM Torres EVX review NZ

The styling, the specific details that make it unique, the combination of different design languages—it all adds up to create something truly one-of-a-kind. There’s no other car quite like it, and that’s a compliment. Overall, the Torres EVX is a fun and enjoyable driving experience.

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