Hi5 – BMW i5 M60 all-electric sedan first drive

BMW i5 review NZ

The fully electric variant of the 8th generation BMW 5 series has arrived in NZ and it’s a cracker. It leans on the heritage and roots of the groundbreaking 1972 original E12 and yet embraces all the modernity, finesse and sustainability that the brand has to offer. We headed to the stunning and picturesque Millbrook […]

Team player but bossy – LDV MIFA 9 review

LDV MIFA 9 review NZ

The EV automotive landscape is rapidly changing in NZ, moving from small townie runabouts, to SUVs and even trucks and utes are popping up, however, people movers appear to be leaning towards the last on the list – but not for LDV. The MIFA 9 is an all-electric 7-seater that’s been created to take you […]

Radiant EV in the NZ – Lexus RZ 450e review

Lexus RZ review NZ

The all-new Lexus RZ is an all-electric model spawned from the RX nameplate. According to Lexus it stands for ‘Radiant Z-axis/Zero’ which signifies being both ‘shining’ and ‘the axis along which values of z are measured’. But as baffling as this may sound, all you need to know is that it’s Lexus’s first electric vehicle […]

Flippin ‘eck it’s good – BYD Dolphin review

BYD Dolphin review NZ

As you probably already know BYD or build your dreams is a Chinese brand that as far as New Zealand goes is an all electric brand focusing on offering affordable EVs to the masses.  Around about 2 years ago they launched the ATTO 3, a vehicle that grabbed the attention of NZ road goers with […]

Greater enabler – 2024 Hyundai Kona first drive

New Hyundai Kona review NZ

Hyundai NZ have released the next generation of their very important and very versatile compact SUV, the Kona. It’s bigger, inside and out, has an all-new EV look, clever tech and a wide range to suit, virtually everyone. The local launch included a giant round-trip drive to the Coromandel, plus a thrilling rally drive in […]

Great Techspectations – All-new Nissan Ariya first drive review

Nissan Ariya first drive review

It was a little over a year ago that I was driving through the alpine roads of Slovenia in the new Nissan X-Trail. Aside from its better looks and refinement, of particular note was both its e-4ORCE electric-drive four-wheel-control system and its overall new technology, so to be back in the northern hemisphere testing out […]

Gull-P – Mercedes-AMG SL63 4Matic+ Roadster review

2024 Mercedes-AMG SL63 review NZ

To me, late spring is the ideal time to have a convertible. It’s not too hot or cold, winter is behind you and the days are already getting longer. But in all fairness, I’d have the new Mercedes-AMG SL63 Roadster regardless of the season – and here’s why. It was 1952 when the SL300 first […]

EV Squared – 2024 BMW iX1 xDrive30 review

2024 BMW iX1 review NZ

In maths, the square root of a number is the number that, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number. Conversely, when a number is squared, it is multiplied by itself, however, in the automotive world, when an EV is squared, you get a cute, smart and efficient SAV called the BMW iX1. The iX1 […]

Taking the reins of the new 2024 Lexus RX

2024 Lexus RX review NZ

Hot on the heels of the New Zealand launch of the latest generation RX, Lexus felt we should get better acquainted with both their 350h and 500h F-Sport models, who were we to disagree. And to add to the experience, our 500 came with a very special copper covering. It’s the new Lexus RX 500h […]

Comfort takes charge – Citroën ë-C4

Citroën is a brand I have a soft spot for – their willingness to try ideas out of the beaten path is something I appreciate very much. Over the years, it led to some memorable models and a legion of fans. My ride for the last week sported the French logo with the two chevrons, […]