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Weight loss and wait less – Jaguar F-Type P300 Review

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review New Zealand

I’m a fine fine one to talk, but for us humans, the health benefits of losing weight (or understanding your BMI) are numerous. Apparently, aside from its visual controversy when squeezed into speedos, carrying too much mass for your frame causes unnecessary stress on joints (oh those poor knees), the respiratory system is compromised and the heart struggles to keep up. Of course, excess weight problems transverse all manner of genres, for instance, in the animal kingdom fat cats are not lazy boardroom dwellers, as feline predators, they learn very quickly that to staying lean aids survival and in the automotive world, shaving off 100lbs (45kg’s) equals an extra 10 horsepower. So it would appear, that armed with this knowledge, Jaguar decided to drop 52kg’s from their F-Type and the P300 is the result.

The Jaguar F-Type has never struggled in the looks department, regardless of what it weighs, from the town and country to the beach or the track, its long nose, muscular coupe stance offers an ultra-desirable silhouette and thankfully, the new P300 hasn’t messed with this winning formula.

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review NZ

My review vehicle came in Ultra Blue, it’s an eye-catching powder blue that forms an ideal canvas for the contrasting gloss-black and chrome highlights that come with the design pack and this R-Dynamic model. Huge integrated LED headlight eyes are underscored by signature Daytime Running Lights, while the black grille and clamshell bonnet louvres garnish make for an attractive visage. The black theme continues with the fixed panoramic roof and privacy glass, and low profile rubber encases the 19-inch 7 split-spoke silver alloy. A whopping central exhaust tip features strongly at the rear as does the fixed spoiler that’s attached to the remote-powered tailgate.

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review NZ

Flush ‘deployable’ door handles gain you access to the F-Type’s cabin and you are greeted with leather, lots of it, made more so as the cockpit is rather snug in appearance. Sports seats, leather wheel, Delta Aluminium centre console and stitched dash present the upmarket effect you’d expect from a Jaguar and there was no scrimping in the infotainment department either, with Phone & Audio InControl Apps, InControl Protect, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Jaguar Satellite Navigation, Meridian 380W Sound System with 10 Speakers and reversing camera all presented on a 10″ Touch-Screen.

The F-Type isn’t exactly famous for its luggage space (400L) but with this review, my P300 came with much less, as a space-saver (in this case an oxymoron) spare tyre took up residence in the rear – this would be instantly removed in my opinion.

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review NZ

The P300 still has F-Type style and design, it’s still loaded with luxury and comfort and driver’s aids, so where is the weight saving I hear you ask? Well aside from a few shavings here and there, it’s where it should be, under the bonnet, over the front axle, the engine compartment. I can hear a slight groan, but don’t worry, Jaguar has thought of everything.

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review NZ

The new P300 F-TYPE comes with a 2L four-cylinder finely tuned heart, oh and a twin-scroll turbocharger spinning on ceramic ball bearings to provide more immediate boost. The result is 300PS (221kW) and 400 Nm of torque. It will propel you from 0-100 km/h in 5.7seconds and up to a licence losing top speed of 249 km/h. Yet now offers a combined 7.2L/km efficiency and 163 g/km emissions.

This is all well and good but it’s how this is all delivered that makes the real difference. The P300 is less nose heavy so it’s nimbler on its feet. Cornering when combined with the torque vectoring system, have you hunting out the bends and curves and you substitute the ease of its 8-speed quickshift gearbox for the more involved and entertaining paddles to make the exhaust crackle and pop like a Kellogs cereal. Although there are comfort and eco available, ‘Dynamic’ driving mode selection is the go-to option because quite frankly, you want to drive this car. The initial thoughts that 2L powertrain in a vehicle that should by rights be a V8 becomes a fading memory that disappears quickly in the rearview mirror.

Jaguar F-Type P300 Review NZ

I have to admit, having driven the F-Type SVR on the track I’m a big fan, soo much horsepower and soo much intensity. The P300 offers up all the same style and finesse yet allows you the freedom to push that little harder on the open (real-world) road. Opening the exhaust baffles and revving high will always light my fire. Ask anyone that’s been to Jenny Craig, 52kg’s is a lot of weight to lose but with the P300 the benefits are clear and undisputed – maybe it’s time I made that call.

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