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Use your phone to start your Ford – FordPass

Forgot to lock your Ford? Or forgot where in New Zealand you parked it? Feel the need to start the engine or check the fuel level from the comfort of your office or home? Well now, thanks to the new FordPass app, you can. FordPass Connect has now arrived in New Zealand, With Ford Ranger, Everest And Transit Leading Connectivity Push.

FordPass NZ

New Zealand customers can now experience FordPass Connect, with the first ‘connected’ 2020.75MY Ford Rangers, 2020.5MY Transits and 2020.75MY Everests arriving in dealerships across the country. The FordPass Connect embedded modem pairs with the FordPass smartphone app to unlock a range of new connected services.

“FordPass Connect is another way we’re bringing smart, simple-to-use real-world technology into the hands of Ford owners and their families,” said Simon Rutherford, Managing Director, Ford New Zealand. “FordPass Connect makes life simpler and easier, and as our best-selling vehicles in New Zealand, we’ve chosen Ranger, Everest and Transit as the first to offer this innovative technology as standard.”

The FordPass app is now available for download free of charge for Apple and Android devices, with immediate benefits for customers with compatible Ford models. Going forward, all Ford new model year releases will arrive fitted with FordPass Connect, with full line-up coverage to be achieved by early 2021.

FordPass NZ

“Whether you’re a young family, small business or just like the convenience, FordPass Connect can really make so many day-to-day tasks easier,” said Garth Thomas, Mobility and Connectivity Manager, Ford New Zealand.

FordPass NZ

In addition to FordPass Connect, every new Ford model release will include a comprehensive suite of technology for a seamless, convenient vehicle experience. This includes SYNC 3, enabling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, voice-activated sat-nav as well as Autonomous Emergency Braking across the entire Ford line-up.

FordPass: joining the dots so you don’t have to
When used together, key features of FordPass and FordPass Connect include:

  • Vehicle Status and Remote Vehicle Monitoring: Through the FordPass app’s Vehicle Status feature, owners can check their vehicle’s key variables including fuel level, tyre pressures (where digital read-out tyre pressure monitoring system is fitted) and mileage through the convenience of their smartphone.
  • Remote Start and Stop: Using the FordPass app, drivers can start their vehicle’s engine from home, the office or elsewhere via smartphone, enabling the vehicle’s cabin to commence heating or cooling to the last known setting. This helps ensure a cool, comfortable interior on a hot summer day, or a de-iced, warmed and inviting vehicle in winter. The vehicle is ready to be driven once the driver arrives with the key.
  • Remote Lock and Unlock: Drivers can lock and unlock their Ford remotely, meaning they don’t have to rush back to their cars to check if they have remembered to lock their doors. This also allows drivers to let passengers into their vehicle regardless of whether they are there or not.
  • Live Traffic Updates: The Live Traffic Update capability delivers ongoing, instant traffic updates to provide more accurate, convenient navigation in congested areas. It includes comprehensive traffic information, and offers an alternate route when detecting congestion and heavy traffic conditions.
  • Vehicle Locator: Courtesy of a map and location tracker in the FordPass app, drivers can find their way back to their vehicle in a busy parking area without the need to remember exactly where they parked it. This is even more convenient where you share your vehicle with one or more members of your household.
  • Vehicle Health Alerts: The FordPass app capability extends to Vehicle Health Alerts, which can be sent directly to a smart device pre-empting service needs, general maintenance such as a washer fluid low alert, and more. The alert is designed to identify specific issues and even recommend a course of action.
FordPass NZ

Customers can access additional information on FordPass Connect at, or download the FordPass app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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