Turn your cr## into $500 of Karma Credits

The 24 Hours of LeMons 7-Day Challenge

24 hours of LeMons NZ

24 Hours of LeMons, is a not to be missed, chance to get off your couch, dress up like a complete muppet (or any other suitable theme) and be all you can be behind the wheel of your racecar (ahem) on the Hampton Downs racetrack.

But with just a shade over 7-Days to go, you may feel that all is lost for this year, well, think again my friends, think again.

Their 7-Day challenge may be just the incentive you need to dust off your Cra##er and get racing – oh and gain some valuable Karma credits along the way.

24 hours of LeMons NZ

It goes a little bit like this:

24 hours of LeMons NZ – Pick a few friends or relatives (sometimes they are the same thing)

 – Grab a LeMon, (photograph it as proof).

 – Make it racing safe (see the rules)

 – Enter it online

 – Turn up and race.

 – Oh, and ALL in 7-Days


For the Team that makes the most laps – $500 will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation with your name on it. You’ll have a blast and become legends all in 24 hours!

Go on, do it now

For more information, go to www.24lemons.co.nz/

24 hours of LeMons NZ

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