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Once again I found myself in NZ’s MIQ virtual lobby vying for the privilege of returning to my family back in NZ (hopefully they are still there and still want me). I’m an optimistic type of chap and the fact that there were 3,800 slots up for grabs surely meant my odds were better than last time…

Daylight savings meant that I set my alarm for 4.45am UK time, as I wanted to ensure I got to the lobby on time, and I dutifully registered my passport number as required (still no double vax certificate required) and waited.

Bang on 6am the lobby doors opened and I waited the minute as the timer scrolled through to allocate my place in the queue, last time I was 11,000 and change but I was feeling lucky.

Tada – alas not, I was worse, almost doubly worse – 23,678 in fact F###.


It’s now 7am and all of the December slots have just been filled – happy ‘kin Xmas for some I assume – others not. My place has moved to 20,962 and I’m wondering, do I sit and stare at the counter for (last time 2 more hours) until October slots are gone, or do I make a full English breakfast and have a cuppa to wash it down, along with my sense of disgust – I think you know the answer.

Looking forward to my next wait in the lobby – NOT!

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