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NZ’s Covid response is getting right up my nose!


As an update on my, let’s say grueling experience of traveling to the UK for family issues, I have in fact managed to get back to NZ and am now experiencing all the fun that’s involved with MIQ. Now I want to preface this piece by saying that I understand the ‘privileged’ position I happen […]

MIQ Lobby – The longest minute

waiting room

Once again I found myself in NZ’s MIQ virtual lobby vying for the privilege of returning to my family back in NZ (hopefully they are still there and still want me). I’m an optimistic type of chap and the fact that there were 3,800 slots up for grabs surely meant my odds were better than […]

MIQ lottery not as good as Lotto


Every week thousands of Kiwi’s grab a Lotto ticket dreaming of winning ‘life changing’ millions. Sure it costs a few bucks to enter the draw and the chances of winning are miniscule but the ‘hope’ it provides is actually quite joyful. Yesterday, the Government launched their MIQ lottery, just like Lotto it has the ability […]

NZ’s MIQ system is a frickin’ shambles


For less than ideal personal family reasons I find myself needing to get to the UK and quick – however, ‘quick’ is not an option and nor would it appear are my chances of returning to New Zealand. Yes I understand that we are in a global pandemic of epic proportions and as such there […]