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LeMon treat for Mother’s Day

With May 12th rushing towards us like a freight train, the annual ritual of what to buy the woman that has everything is rapidly moving into nightmare territory. While perfumes, flowers and chocolates are a reliable ‘goto’s’ they also underline that fact that you gave the person that brought you into this world and who loves you the most, no thought at all – that’s cold.

24 hours of LeMons NZ

Well, my friends, the answer to all your fears and concerns is a LeMon, in fact, 24 hours of them. Once again, New Zealand’s favourite (ok only) non-stop 24hour endurance race is back on at Hampton Downs May 11th/12th and luckily for your mum, it includes Mother’s Day.

24 hours of LeMons NZ

What could be better, or offer more thought, than a whole day (and night) of motorsport glory? Yes indeed, a ticket to watch, what some would say (mainly self-confessed) the pinnacle of New Zealand motorsport athletes, battle it out on the racetrack for a full twenty-four hour, is a memory they will remember (and possibly hold against you) forever more.

What’s more, should you have a LeMon of your own (out there on your lawn, you know the one), there’s still time to get it ‘race ready’ and you and mum can compete together – oh the laughs and stories you’ll share.
So, put down the bath salts and head to www.24lemons.co.nz for more details. Do it now dammit.

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