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BMW New Zealand creates daring activation to celebrate the arrival of the all-new 4 Series Coupé.

Unsuspecting New Zealanders are in for a surprise when they visit Viaduct Harbour this weekend, as luxury carmaker BMW unveils an audacious pop-up activation to celebrate launch of the all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé.

The pop-up will feature a mysterious and sophisticated “man and woman in the window”,
accompanied by iconic flower beds, discarded bicycles and wrought iron streetlamps that
depict the sultry streets of Amsterdam.

The man and woman in the window are also dressed for the occasion – with him in a crisp
white T-shirt under a dark suit, and her an elegant number from local designer Georgia Alice.

Between 1pm and 1am on 26 th until 29 th November, Aucklanders are invited to visit the
activation and enter the space for an intimate viewing of the stunning new BMW 4 Series

BMW 4-Series

Gabrielle Byfield, Head of Marketing, BMW New Zealand, said: “Provocative design
deserves a provocative launch. This car is sexy, seductive, full of character and
unmistakable in its profile. We encourage BMW customers and fans of our brand and design
in general, to head to Market Square in Viaduct Harbour to take a sneak-peek at one of our
most alluring and distinctive vehicles to date.”
The all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé is a future-focused interpretation of the DNA at the very
core of BMW, blending emotion-stirring design with an exclusive lifestyle.

The vertically accentuated grille is inspired by heritage BMW models such as the 328. Its
sporting character clearly sets it apart and global sales of the model line since launch in
2013 have totalled nearly 700,000 units.
Launch of the BMW 4 Series range marked the dawn of a new era for the BMW brand. The
4 Series Coupé, 4 Series Convertible and 4 Series Gran Coupé embody even greater aesthetic appeal and dynamic prowess, clearly differentiating them from their 3 Series

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