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Ok so this is slightly off piste but I did take the new Kia Cerato to the event.

Barry Gibbs – ‘Now’ That’s What I call Music.

Last night I was invited to my first Album Playback event and it was a cracker – Barry Gibb’s new solo album ‘In the Now’.

The event took place at Western Springs, the same venue that the Bee Gee’s played in 1999, one of my most memorable concerts ever. The Sony team had gone to great lengths to reenact the back stage look and feel for the concert, to give us a taste of what it would have been like to be one of the band members and it really set the tone for the evening.


We walked down the Ponsonby Rugby Club’s hallway; past the band members dressing rooms and into Barry’s suite. The star’s mirror was framed in lights, jewellery, towels, costume changes, nibbles were all there waiting and the scent of incense filled the room (well would have if it hadn’t almost set off the fire alarm) – like I said, it all set the mood for the Album playback.

Once seated, we were given a brief background to the set and the history behind it by the Sony team before a pre recorded and yet heartwarming introduction to the Album by Barry Gibb himself (on screen).

We then relaxed and listened to the 15 track album.

Being ‘backstage’ at Western Springs listening to Barry Gibb sing was very nearly a surreal experience. Not only did it take me back to 1999 but sitting in a room listening to an album play took me back to my childhood and my bedroom too. As kids we spent hours in our rooms listening to recent album purchases with friends and I have to admit to one or two of those records being from the Bee Gees. Yes it was a simpler time.

On to the album itself. Although ‘In the Now’ is classed as a solo album it is very much still a family affair. However, rather than with his brothers, this album has been put together with his two sons Stephen and Ashley. There is definitely a sense of youth about it but with Barry on vocals it is unmistakably Gibb (and therefore Bee Gees)

Barry has been very candid about how much he misses his brothers and a lot of these feelings come across in the music. The tunes vary from upbeat near pop/rock to ballads and wistful reflections. There is something for everyone especially if you are a Gibb Brothers fan – and yes I really am.

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We only got to hear the album once but I have to say I’m hooked and can’t wait to listen to it again. Call me old fashioned if you like but in an age of doof doof and music sampling, it’s great to hear a voice that has spanned over five decades still hitting the mark – ‘In the Now’ is really what I call music!


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