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Symbiosis (symbiose in French) meaning to ‘co-exist’ or ‘live together’ is a word that strikes a chord with Renault as the brand’s slogan is “cars for living”.

‘Symbiosis’ in English, ‘simbiose’ in Spanish, ‘simbiosi’ in Italian and ‘symbiose’ in French makes it easily understood by a large audience. Hence why Renault chose the name ‘Symbioz’ for its new family SUV.

Side view of the soon to be unveiled Renault Symbioz SUV.
Symbioz is a new family SUV from Renault

The new compact SUV is an expression of the “bond between a family and their car” says Sylvia Dos Santos, Head of Naming Strategy at Renault. Featuring the brand’s new design language, Symbioz fits into the C-segment and measures in at 4.41m in length.

Interior of the new Renault Symbioz.
‘Solarbay’ panoramic glass roof can turn opaque without a blind!

Oodles of interior space is complimented by a large ‘Solarbay’ panoramic glass roof which can turn opaque without a blind. Symbioz will also include an E-Tech powertrain with a 145hp engine and a weight figure under 1,500kgs!

The addition of the Symbioz further strengthens Renault’s offering in Europe C-segment car market. Boasting a total of five different models with the Megane and Scenic available as fully electric E-Tech cars while the Symbioz, Austral and Arkana are available with E-Tech hybrid variants.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Groupe Renault Media.

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