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There are few brands in the motorsport world that have the kind of racing heritage that Nissan does, a heritage that continues today in the form of Formula E. And while some may be asking questions about the brand’s future electric models, Nissan have given us no reason to doubt them.

Meet the Ariya single seater concept. It uses the same drivetrain and electric system as the Ariya EV! This is Nissan’s way of proving how exciting their electric cars are going to be.

Front view of the Nissan Ariya Single Seat concept
Nissan’s new design language carries heavy influence

The single seater concept takes inspiration not only from the Ariya’s design but also from the colour scheme. All that is packaged into a car that aims to prove that the very same electric technology that powers a family SUV can be implemented in a racecar!

The importance of this concept goes even further with Nissan’s executives calling it a “testbed” for their future in motor racing.

Side view of the Nissan Ariya Single Seater
Combining Japanese historical philosophies with space age tech!

Nissan’s new design language takes inspiration from the Japanese philosophies of ‘shun’ & ‘sho’ which mean to run fast and to soar with grace. These words will form the cornerstone of the brand’s long-term vision, also known as ‘Nissan Ambition 2030’. An important aim of which is to honour Japanese culture and history while incorporating it into technology of the future!

Front view of the Nissan Ariya Single Seater concept
Forget the Leaf, these are the Nissan EVs we want!

Notice the signature ‘V’ at the front is illuminated, the concept also takes some of the smooth lines from the Ariya SUV. However, everything is exaggerated in carbon fibre! That’s something you won’t see on the family car.

Nissan have been on a roll recently, showing off some very exciting concept EVs and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

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Pictures courtesy of Nissan Medial Global.

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