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Come February 2024, the world will have a new Lancia. The all-new Ypsilon continues the brand’s nomenclature of using Greek alphabets for their cars. However, that’s where the likenesses end.

A close-up photo of the Lancia Ypsilon concept displaying S.A.L.A
Only three teaser images have been unveiled thus far!

New Ypsilon features a plethora of technology including S.A.L.A (Sound Air Light Augmentation) infotainment. This innovative technology allows the driver and passenger to adapt to the internal environment using a touch of a button or their voice. The goal of this was to “centralize audio, climate control and lighting functions” said Lancia CEO, Luca Napolitano.

A teaser image of the upcoming Lancia Ypsilon.
Only 1906 units of the Cassina Limited Edition will be made

S.A.L.A’s objective is to enhance the digital experience for Lancia customers. SALA is also the name used for Lancia’s new infotainment systems and coincidentally means living room in Italian! A coincidence because both meanings of the word are meant to make the user feel relaxed, this is further helped by the car’s EV powertrain. SALA includes two HD screens with a customizable home page for ‘Sound, Air, Light’ controls too.

A ‘Cassina Limited Edition’ of 1906 units will be available from the car’s launch next year and is the first steps towards realizing the Lancia Renaissance!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Stellantis Media Lancia.

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